E-learning - announcement

Dear Students,
we kindly inform that the material for lectures and practical classes is systematically introduced to the e-learning platform of the Medical University of Warsaw.
Each topic has an appropriate resource to be viewed and completed.
The completion of topics is mandatory and is confirmed by logging into the platform, viewing the lecture content and recognizing the anatomical structures shown in the pictures.
After logging, please read the content of the lecture first. After completion of this activity you may proceed to recognize the structures marked with pins.
Each photograph contains several "pins". In each case you should choose a correct anatomical term from the list. To go to next stage you have to correctly recognize all previously marked structures (get 100% correct answers within each quiz).
The completion of all exercises on the platform covering the period of suspension of lab classes is necessary for admission to the Final Examination in Anatomy. The verification of completion by individual students will be carried out automatically by the IT mechanisms of the educational platform. We wish you good luck in e-learning!

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