Lab classes and lectures - udpate 17.03.2020

Dear Students,
according to the latest regulations, we present a novel schedule of Lab Classes in the Department of Descriptive and Clinical Anatomy:
31/03/2020   Peritoneum. Liver, spleen, pancreas. Portal vein.
02/04/2020   Stomach, celiac trunk, duodenum. SMA. Small and large intestine.
07/04/2020   Urinary system. Retroperitoneal space.
09/04/2020   Male genital organs. Female genital organs.
21/04/2020   Pelvic floor. Perineum.
23/04/2020   Radiology of abdomen and pelvis.
05/05/2020   Back.
The remaining topics will continue according to original schedule.
Please note, that the lectures are systematically being transferred to the e-learning platform.
Please make sure you are familiar with logging to the platform, there are still more materials to come!

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